2021-04-24 - Kindness Matters

~10.3 mi @ ~20.4 min/mi

"Kindness Matters – So Do You!" say the signs by painted rocks. 🔥 and 🤖 arrive early and at 0559 head toward Saturday's sunrise in search of Starbucks, where a plaque says, "Be Awesome Today" – a remindful trifecta of Being + Doing + Now. Deep trail talk ensues about life, work, helping others, and letting-go, as comrade ⭐️ joins the walkabout. Today 🐻 runs a virtual Eugene Half Marathon; 🥃 and 🔥 pace him along Sligo Creek Parkway. Wildlife sightings include a pileated woodpecker attacking a rotten log, a goose on her nest, three deer, and 11 rabbits.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-05-28