2021-05-05 - Saffell Family Cemetery

~2.1 mi @ ~16.6 min/mi

Charles Saffell

Revolutionary War Patriot and musician

A 10-foot-square area is fenced off behind Forest Oak Middle School in Gaithersburg, without signs or markers. Who knew?

"Collaboration – Communication – Empathy – Innovation – Diversity – Persistence" – and more, says a painted wall by tennis courts. As 🤖 circles the playgrounds a stray basketball bounces toward him; he throws it back to kids playing. Narrow dirt trails lead into the woods along a paved walking path. The first branch meanders down a steep hillside to a drainage zone. The next cuts through brush to a scary fallen tree bridging a stream, with a rope handrail. On the other side of the creek, soggy wetlands eventually end at a construction site.

(cf Montgomery County Cemetery Inventory, Saffell Family Cemetery, and trackfile) - ^z - 2021-06-03