2021-05-08 - New Rock Creek Trail

~10 mi @ ~20 min/mi

"NO DUMPING 1,000 FINE", says an oddly dimensionless sign. Rain patters on leaves and hats as 🔥 & 🤖 explore a dirt trail along the west bank of Rock Creek upstream of Garrett Park Rd. "What went WELL for you recently?" Family, work, learning, helping, ... – the list is happy, long, and diverse. "What do you want to try NEXT?" That's a hard question!

Today's magic word is "Open" – to the new, the scary, the fun, the long-forgotten and long-delayed. It's tough to let go. Taking baby steps can help. So can friends, and befriending oneself. Some day soon!

Meanwhile a wet phone and wet watch place random calls, send bogus texts, and flip into new modes. Much of the trackfile is missing. No worries – let it go! Big 🐻 joins for bonus walkabout miles, then adds a solo run.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-06-06