2021-05-16 - Intervals at Intervals

~2.4 mi @ ~19.5 min/mi & ~1.0 mi @ ~13 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/arty/hearty-arty-sculpture-lady_2021-05-15.jpg"Just a small Adventure?" 🤖 asks for advice from random folks out for a walk in their neighborhood. A hint of a path leads down the wooded hillside between houses. "Sure!" a lady advises, "just cling to the little trees!" The steep slope leads to a tributary stream of Northwest Branch, with a similar scramble up the other side. In 1904 Theodore Roosevelt described the area as "... a beautiful gorge, deep and narrow, with great boulders and even cliffs ...". Back in civilization fire and rescue trucks block a busy intersection where two cars have collided. Four rabbits nibble front-yard grass and a meditative labyrinth graces the Blair High School grounds. Backyard art near a cut-through path features a curvy-heart-woman and other sculptures.

"John Way? No way!" 🤖 recognizes a speedy comrade at Blair High School track, where as he arrives 🌸 & 🐻 are doing laps. John introduces Mike Mason, Dan Devlin, Lee Feldstein, and Alice Franks, members of an informal Sunday Speedwork gang who get together to run intervals at intervals. We commiserate about injuries and reminisce about past glory days. 🤖 essays 4 x 200m at ~60 seconds each and confirms how vast the opportunities are to improve. Infield geese spectate.

(trackfile & trackfile) - ^z - 2021-06-15