2021-06-06 - Dr Fonda Sighting

~6.5 mi @ ~15.2 min/mi

"Heck-fire!" - "Are you actually allowed to run?" - "Most physicians are far too certain!" - "Shall we try to reach the next patch of shade?" - "You move like Grandpa McCoy!" - "A cicada flew into my shirt!" Flippant banter flows fast as 🥃 & 🐻 & 🤖 walk/trot along Rock Creek, joined by 🫕 in a happy-fortuitous encounter. At the turnaround a sign announces the end of Closure – which in psychology means the urge for sure answers and the fear of ambiguity. Maybe, or maybe not? Zen suggests: "Not Always So!"

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-07-06