2021-07-03 - Whoopie Pie

~8 mi @ ~18 min/mi & ~2 mi @ ~22 min/mi

"I can't count any higher!" More than 25 rabbits nibble the lawns of North Bethesda, as 🔥 & 🤖 meander at Saturday sunrise from one Starbucks to another via peaceful neighborhood paths. – "Awesome racks!" Three big bucks amble through a park. Two freckled fawns roam far from their mother doe(s). – "What's the word for the thing that attaches a set of wheels to a skateboard?" ... "A truck?" – A huge fox pauses to peer from the far side of the elementary school field. – "Look at that gate!" ..." And the spiral brick chimneys!" – A broken robin's egg rests on the path. – "What's the word for a bird leaving its shell?" ... "Hatch?" – And how can angry, closed, and damaged people be nudged toward calm, openness, and healing? – "You're doing a Power Wash today? Of yourself? Does it hurt much?"

"A Whoopie Pie is NOTHING like a Moon Pie!" says 🧽, explaining the finer points of sweet sandwiches to 🥃, 🐻, 🔥, and 🤖. (BLUF: Whoopie = Northern, cream frosting between chocolate cake discs; Moon Pie = Southern, marshmallow between graham cracker circles, all dipped in chocolate) The Garrett Park Farmers Market is instantly busy at opening time with Independence Day Eve shoppers.

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