2021-07-05 - Glass Forest

~3.2 mi @ ~20.5 min/mi

"Trees of broken mirrors, rusty tools, and ... old bras?" An art installation, the "Glass Forest", hides in the woods above the C&O Canal. It features fragments of found-objects that dangle on strings from branches. (2021-05-15 - Sunrise Thankfulness ramble barely missed it.) Comrade 🐻y is on a morning run along the CCT; 🤖 parks at Fletchers Cove and meets him near the Arizona Avenue trestle for a mid-course mile, then hikes back via the Palisades Trolley Trail. The Maddox Branch tunnel under Canal Rd NW is eroded and super-scary. Don't try that again solo!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-07-31