2021-07-17 - Best Friends

~9.4 mi @ ~18.8 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/walk/BFFs_heart-shaped_leaf.jpg"Three Unicorns!" 🦄 🦄 🦄 Top rating for a Saturday adventure ramble, starting at sunrise from Fletchers Cove. Head downstream on the CCT to Georgetown for coffee, alternating minutes to jog and recover. On the waterfront a pigeon walks the meditative labyrinth. A heart-shaped leaf says it all.

"This isn't TOO illegal!" The Palisades Trolley Trail is closed at its southwest end, but big holes in fences allow cut-through access to the Glover-Archbold Trail. 🔥 remembers running it decades ago. Reservoir Rd leads to a tony-historic Foxhall neighborhood. A dog-walker offers directions and points out the difference between "Q Place" and "Q St". After several short-cuts (!) into dead-ends, plus a stroll through the Georgetown Day School grounds, we re-encounter her at the trailhead she tried to direct us to!

"Acts of service for others are really gifts to Yourself!" Philosophy goes meta, with discussion of the "Individuation" superpower-strength (seeing uniqueness in all individuals) and the lure of one-upsmanship. Banter is strong: "I'm an open book!" – "Ah, that's the impression that you give so masterfully!" – "Don't even think of apologizing for being late!" – "I wasn't!"

Back on the Palisades Trail narrow openings in underbrush lead past lovely multi-million-dollar homes via rugged byways, stream crossings, rocks and roots, a trip-and-fall (no harm!), and the Glass Forest art installation. Heat and humidity make for dehydration; cool Gatorade from the bait shop is welcome. Debate who pays: "Oooh, now you're playing one of my own cards on me! You win, I must accept your gift graciously." Thank goodness for good friends!

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