2021-07-24 - Catalpa Siliques

~7.7 mi @ ~19.3 min/mi

"Magic Wands!" says 🔥, in a flashback to childhood games with catalpa "beanpods" (siliques, aka seed capsules) wrapped in aluminum foil. A ramble from White Flint Park via Starbucks down the Bethesda Trolley Trail passes under a giant catalpa tree, then west to Timberlawn Park. Woodland paths connect to Tuckerman, Grosvenor, and back again. 🐻y & 🥃 & 🔍 lead the way to the Garrett Park farmers market. MCRRC runners dash past on a 19 mile run. One is barefoot!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-08-20