2021-08-14 - Lost Gnome

~5.2 mi @ ~23 min/mi

"Your Boston Qualifying Time is a bit over 4 hours now," 🤖 tells 🐻y, "so if you just run a few minutes per mile faster at next month's marathon, you've got it!"

"Yes, but wouldn't that make all the slower runners feel bad when I crush their hopes?" he notes, unselfishly. A hyper-humid Saturday morning takes the Twins to the track, where they dodge geese and limit themselves to one lap at something slower than world record pace. Iced coffee is courtesy 🔥, with a mega-GPS glitch inside Starbucks. The return trip discovers new art including a lawn gnome being abducted by aliens. Above Sligo Creek blessed Mary holds a chain of summer flowers. A scramble up a brushy hillside enables the photo op.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-09-02