2021-08-18 - Green Humor

~3.6 mi @ ~21 min/mi

"A golfer is about to putt when he sees a funeral procession on the road nearby ...", says 🐻y, telling a classic golf joke as the Twins walk past the Sligo nine-hole course. A gibbous moon peeks between clouds low in the south. Shirts are sweat-soaked on a warm and hyper-humid Wednesday evening. Puddles decorate the pathway and mangy deer retreat into the underbrush. "United States of America" says a lawn sign, and "All Colors - All Cultures - All Creeds - All Sexes - All Work - All Ages - All Sizes - All Types - Together We Will Thrive", capped with a ❤️.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-09-04