2021-09-03 - Molang

~6.4 mi @ ~16 min/mi

"I want to be Bob Dylan / Mr Jones wishes he were someone just a little more funky!" Friday morning special-holiday conversation goes maximum meta. "Have you seen Molang?" The animated French TV show for kids is calm and loving – just what we need sometimes in a stressful world. Molang focuses on "... the relationship between an eccentric, joyful, and enthusiastic rabbit, and a shy, discreet, and emotional little chick ..." (cf Wikipedia). Hmmm, not at all like 🤖 & 🔥, eh?

"The Space Force needs new metaphors!" Where are the poems and songs about transfer orbits, gravity assists, or lagrange points? How can smart people create radical collaboration in a new environment? "Graphical Languages for thinking better? What about other senses – touch, taste, scent?" Mind tools need to play their music together as an orchestra, an ecosystem; they must be extensible, responsive, based on solid mathematical-epistemological foundations. And delightful!

"Oh, no – we're trapped!" Beach Drive was wide open at 0645, but gates at both ends of the Connecticut-to-Cedar segment are closed and locked shut a few hours later. The curb is too high to drive over. Ah, a short detour across the grass enables escape. Whew!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-09-27