2021-10-03 - MCRRC Black Hill 10k XC

~6.4 mi @ ~14.1 min/mi

"One of you is an Unknown Runner!" says the Timing Director at the end of Saturday morning's race. 🐻y suddenly remembers that he has the chip of neighbor "Fast Mary" in his pocket to return, in addition to one tied to shoelaces. Sensors are sensitive today!

Jeannie Larrison paces 🤖 on the first half of the MCRRC Black Hill 10k cross-country trail event. It's a fine day to reminisce about past runs, share notes on injuries, encourage each other, and try not to fall on rocks, roots, and slippery stream crossings. Then it's time to unleash the inner geriatric gazelle and catch up with 🔥 and 🐻y, who are enjoying a training-and-recovery trek. The trio finish together, 46th to 48th place of 51 finishers, gun time 1:28:45.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-11-03