2021-10-04 - Talking Confidentially of Birds

~5.1 mi @ ~19.6 min/mi & ~3.3 mi @ ~17.9 min/mi

"After a few thousand miles together ..."

"... we can finish each other's sentences!"

Sunday sunrise: 🔥 and 🤖 feel spooky-same déjà vu at crossroads where they've never been before. Shared experiences echo across time. Mental meta-models sharpen into crisp focus. "You knew I knew you would think that, and I knew you wouldn't mind!" The world is full of laughter and forgiveness, patience and peace. Pause for pics of public sculpture ("Starting a New Life", Ken Lonn, 1989) and Halloween lawn art (animated 8-foot "Dark Angel", Home Depot, $400) and small stone fragments (girl-on-a-swing, without the swing).

"The problem is that we think there's enough time!" says a blue square sticky-note on the Starbucks bulletin board. Or maybe there's plenty of time, if we're present in the present? Jon Kabat-Zinn suggests, "... stepping out of minutes and hours into moments, which are truly dimensionless and therefore infinite ...". George Eliot observes, "They were looking at each other like two fond children who were talking confidentially of birds." Yes, and...

"There was an article recently about why one should NOT make a bucket list – but I didn't read it!" 🥃 & 🐻 appear and, with 🔥, pull dragon-draggin' 🤖 downstream at a brisk pace, then graciously walk him back before continuing for additional Sunday morning mileage.

(trackfile & trackfile) - ^z - 2021-11-04