2021-10-10 - Diverse Dimensions of Beauty

~10.6 mi @ ~18.1 min/mi

Venus statue after Botticelli"Puppies and Babies!" 🔥 and 🤖 pause to pet a brindled dog and coo at a happy infant. Both concur: both belong in a Gratitude Journal, with other reflections on this wondrous world we're blessed to be in. Sunday sunrise, coffee in hand, brings Kensington cut-throughs and Systems Thinking about self-care concepts and connections: sleep, work, happiness, health, money, relationships. And how about the "New Economy"? Can society and its members thrive without asset accumulation, safety nets, family stability, education, etc.? Is a "Caregiving" vs "Caretaking" distinction helpful?

"May we detour to admire the charms of Venus?" one animal blushes to request; the other animal insists that we must! Complementarily we tarry at another shapely sight: a shiny sterling silver Monkey Urn (perhaps a spittoon?) in an antique shop window. Evolution and experience open different eyes to different dimensions of beauty. Friends laugh at themselves and confess quiet joys to each other. Yes, and we're all part of one great system!

"You're far too fast for us!" 🐻 dashes from home and meets 🥃 and 🔍 at Ken-Gar before the daybreak twins return. A closed section of Beach Dr is busy with cyclists, runners, skaters, and dog-walkers.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2021-11-12