3-D Movie 'PigeonVision'

Lots of methods have been invented over the years to create the illusion of three dimensions in movies: "Stereokino", "NaturalVision", "Illusion-O", "SpaceVision", "Teleview", "Stereovision", etc. They rely, variously, on glasses with red-blue filters, polarized lenses, or alternately opaque lenses for alternately left-right images. None works well simultaneously for color movies, on TV sets, for people without binocular vision, etc. All are expensive and tricky to implement.

So, a new invention from the deep underground chambers of Dr. ^z Labs:


How do creatures like birds with eyes on opposite sides of their heads get depth cues? They simply bob, up-and-down or side-to-side, so that nearby things appear to shift move than distant objects. The brain automatically picks up and processes the 3D information. (Close one eye and try it yourself.)

Likewise with PigeonVision! The camera is mounted on a motorized swivel and bobs about. Voilà — 3-D!

Remember, you saw it here first. (And don't worry about motion sickness when watching PigeonVision!—we're already working on drugs to prevent that.)

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