Admit and Atone

From Chapter 14 of Lundy Bancroft's book Why Does He Do That?, some important steps to go through for changing bad behavior, atoning for it, and becoming a better person:

  1. Admit fully what was done
  2. Admit that it was done on purpose, as a choice, without making excuses, being honest about motives
  3. Acknowledge that it was wrong and stop blaming others
  4. Accept others' right to be angry about it, and truly acknowledge the effects of what was done
  5. Accept the consequences of it
  6. Devote long-term and serious effort to making compensation for the damages that were done
  7. Lay aside demands for forgiveness
  8. Treat others consistently well in the future
  9. Relinquish negative views of others

(cf Relationship Repair (2022-03-09), Life and Worth (2022-03-23), You Are Brave (2022-03-30), ...) - ^z - 2022-04-08