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Audacity Lab

Long ago a friend (JC) at the office set up something he called "The Audacity Lab". It was a skunk-works place where people could attempt some truly far-out projects without being penalized if they failed. That concept, and the name he gave it, inspired my recent advice to a friend about to turn 50 years old: "Every year from now on, do something audacious, something outrageous, something you never thought you would do!" It can be anything — get a tattoo, learn to play the bagpipes, pet a cobra, jump out of an airplane, ...

And doing something outside the norm once in a while isn't a bad goal at any age, or at any stage of one's career. Be bold!

(e.g., if you're a boss in a bureaucracy, set up an unconventionally-named unit to encourage creativity and innovation; cf. EnvelopePushing (2003-04-24), FreakingTheMundanes (2007-05-02), ...) - ^z - 2011-06-15