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Mark, I love this! You should submit to vhtrc. Really neat.

-- Caren Jew 2009-12-10 18:48 UTC

Or even ultrarunning magazine...

-- Caren Jew 2009-12-10 18:48 UTC

Caren, you are too kind! ... but I'm glad you liked the poem --- I was dithering about throwing it away ... had messed with it for a while, trying to get the lines arranged better, the rhythm more regular, and then after a while it seemed too sing-song to me ... here's the earliest version:

The Massanutten Trail is one of gaps:
Shawl Gap; Veach Gap; Sherman, Milford, Habron Gaps.
Notches in the ridgeline, where valley meets hill,
Saddles that join land and sky, voids and clefts,
Betweens ...

Crevasses among the tumbled boulders;
Peeks between trees, glimpses of the river below;
Miles between crossroads;
Hours out of sight of other people;
Breaks to catch our breath as we climb;
Pauses between words, blinks during a glance;

better, I really think, are Face Plant and Rock Creek Valley Trail from 2004 ... but I (or we!) really should try to work out some more poetry --- maybe during an upcoming long run? ... ^z

-- zz 2009-12-11 01:40 UTC