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    <div class="title"><span>Be Open</span></div>
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... just attending to the now,<br>
with no purpose,<br>
no method,<br>
nothing to attain ...
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Be Open
... just attending to the now,
with no purpose,
no method,
nothing to attain ...
No Goals!


"... You will seem to know nothing and to feel nothing except a naked intent toward God in the depths of your being. Try as you might, this darkness and this cloud will remain between you and your God. You will feel frustrated, for your mind will be unable to grasp Him, and your heart will not relish the delight of His love. But learn to be at home in this darkness. Return to it as often as you can, letting your spirit cry out to him whom you love. ..."

So says the anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing, a fascinating Christian-mystical guide to meditation written in the late 1300s, stark in its focus on transcendence, emptiness, and the unknowable. Pure contemplation exists, it suggests, between a "cloud of unknowing" above which is God, and a "cloud of forgetting" below which all created things exist only to be let go of.

The above translation is by William Johnston; the original is ...

^z - 2018-05-??

none of us remembers our birthday, but we all celebrate it - from "I Am Dragon"?!

Om - Fine and One and Blessed


The flip-side of feeling left-out is the feeling that other people get that someone is cutting-in ...

-- z 2018-07-04 09:47 UTC

Haskell Goodness

Mood Rings

a pebble falls into a pond
a hammer strikes a gong
waves ripple outward, falling, rising,
fading, until all is quiet again

just so, when anger flares
or panic seizes the heart
emotions ripple outward, falling, rising,
fading, until all is quiet again

-- z 2018-07-13 19:45 UTC


The best adventures often start
On trains that unexpectedly
Have had to halt mid-journey due
To clich├ęd plot device:

"A shot rang out!" - "The bridge collapsed!"
"The President is missing now!"
"We have only five minutes left
To neutralize the bomb!"

What happens next? That all depends
On authors' talents to step on
And trigger mines they set themselves.
They must break into jail.

-- z 2018-07-19 10:26 UTC

Om - Help, Thanks, Wow