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    <div class="title"><span>Be Open</span></div>
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... just attending to the now,<br>
with no purpose,<br>
no method,<br>
nothing to attain ...
    <div class="mantra"><span>No Goals!</span></span></div>                  


Be Open
... just attending to the now,
with no purpose,
no method,
nothing to attain ...
No Goals!

none of us remembers our birthday, but we all celebrate it - from "I Am Dragon"?!


The flip-side of feeling left-out is the feeling that other people get that someone is cutting-in ...

In Love that Long...

I am here, this moment, inside the beauty,
the gift God has given,
our Love:
    this gold and circular sign
means we are free of any duty:
            out of eternity,
I turn my face to you, and into
    we have been in Love that long.

- Rumi, Coleman Barks, The Glance

Fierce Courtesy

The connection to the Friend
is secret and very fragile.

The image of that Friendship
is in how you love, the grace

and delicacy, the subtle talking
together, in full prostration,

outside of time. When you're
there, remember the fierce

courtesy of the one with you.

- Rumi, Coleman Barks, The Glance



Q: "What is the Yoneda lemma? And if it's just a lemma then - my gosh - what's the theorem?"
A: "All of them."

(answer in the comments, by David Roberts)


Twilight Sparkle!

Feynman by Ottaviani and Myrick