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¿Quien es más Meta?


... as tovarka Sarah M B quotes comrade Jacob E, "Delightfulness" is the singular desideratum of ...

cf = "A delightful reference for HTML Symbols, Entities and ASCII Character Codes"

Need to combine PRACTICALITY and HUMANITY with PHILOSOPHY and THEORY in designing "Think Better" boosters ...


carry a compass not a map?

from footnote 2 of see = "This is the (co)end, my only (co)friend" by Fosco Loregian :

2 The author learned this funny notation during his freshman year, when he was handed [DM96] for the first time; the “small-eyes” notation accompanied me throughout all my mathematical life until today. In [DM96] this notation has the following meaning: various facial expressions explain the different ways the reader is supposed to behave when they meet them: <<eyes looking up>>, abstract material;
<<eyes looking down>>, standard exercises; <<eyes looking right>>, material that you are supposed to meditate a lot; <<eyes wide open>>, shattering exercises.

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parents -> grandparents -> ... people who could never imagine us ... and Rilke's "Archaic Torso of Apollo"

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the Present, the Possible, and the Positive:


The emperor then asked, “What is the paramount Truth of the Holy Teachings?”

The Master replied, “Since the Truth is devoid of any limits, It is beyond holiness.”

The emperor then demanded, “And who, pray, is this one who is confronting my royal presence?”

The Master replied, “I do not personally know that One.”

... and cf

Emperor Wu, a little put out: "What then is the most important principle of Buddhism?"

Bodhidharma: "Vast emptiness. Nothing sacred."

Emperor Wu, by now bewildered, and not a little indignant: "Who is this that stands before me?"

Bodhidharma: "I do not know."

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Rebels at Work

page of honorifics? - -sensei & -ji & -chan & -san & ...

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