Complicate the Story

Simple is seductive, yet so often wrong. In "Complicating the Narratives" Amanda Ripley (Solutions Journalism) writes about the need for reporters – and everyone else – to artfully:

and from Ripley's final paragraph:

Journalists need to learn to amplify contradictions and widen the lens on paralyzing debates. We need to ask questions that uncover people's motivations. All of us, journalists and non-journalists, could learn to listen better. As researchers have established in hundreds of experiments over the past half-century, the way to counter the kind of tribal prejudice we are seeing is to expose people to the other tribe or new information in ways they can accept. When conflict is cliché, complexity is breaking news.

(cf Mantra - Open the Aperture (2018-10-30), Righteous Mind (2020-07-12) ...) - ^z - 2022-01-16