Eat More Waffles

"You don't need an extreme bucket list to find happiness. Just eat more waffles" is an August 2016 essay by Mary Elizabeth Williams in The Guardian. It expresses great Zen wisdom, from the perspective of a cancer survivor. Her punch line:

... Life is happening now, and the whole big lesson I got out of almost losing it far sooner than I ever planned is to not put off anything that catches my curiosity or moves my heart.

Anything, however insignificant it seems. The smaller the better, in fact, because of ease and immediacy. And if you see me at the table next to you at the diner sometime, eating waffles, know that you are looking at a woman who is absolutely crushing it on her bucket list.

No need to be dramatic ("... jump out of airplanes ...") or large-scale. Just remember: live now ...

(cf. Not Always So (2009-07-04), Power of Now (2011-12-14), Mindfulness for Beginners (2013-07-18), Attention (2015-03-03), ... ) - ^z - 2016-12-19