Finite Things in an Infinite Way

Chapter 7 ("The Mindfulness Path") of Toni Bernhard's How to Wake Up quotes Zen master Maureen Stuart:

Life is suffering, the Buddha taught, because we want some permanency, some guarantee. If we let go of this desire and just follow a path of doing finite things in an infinite way, then ordinary becomes extraordinary; secular is sacred. Preparing the food, washing the dishes; everything is a sacred act.

(from Chapter 15 ("Peace of Mind") of Subtle Sound: The Zen Teachings of Maurine Stuart, edited by Sherry Chayat; cf. This Is Water (2009-05-21), What is Zen (2009-07-21), Zen Soup (2012-02-09), Mantra - Vast Emptiness Everything Sacred (2015-03-17), Learning to Pause (2015-08-10), ...) - ^z - 2016-12-16