Get Real Project

A list (and Table of Contents) from Andrea Howe's Get Real Project manifesto, "17 Ways to Transform Your Client Relationships", ideas on how to be a better "trusted advisor":

  1. Curiosity is king.
  2. Stop selling; start helping.
  3. Business is personal.
  4. Humor and levity do more than break the ice.
  5. Trust is non-linear and paradoxical; embrace the opportunity.
  6. Be quiet and listen if you want to be heard.
  7. Mistakes are inevitable; how you handle them reveals your true character.
  8. Being vulnerable takes chutzpah.
  9. The soft stuff is the hard stuff—master it.
  10. Control is an illusion; the best moments are usually improvised.
  11. No risk, no trust, no doubt about it.
  12. It's your job to get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  13. You get what you give.
  14. Be human. Please.
  15. Change begins at home. Work on yourself first.
  16. If you can't be yourself, change jobs. Or hire a therapist. Or both.
  17. Keep it real.

In his foreword to her Manifesto, Andrea Howe's mentor-collaborator Charles Green comments: "You can read these 17 pearls as daily meditations. You can also treat them as subjects for discussion and even, on occasion, data collection. Any way you apply them, you'll be transforming yourself."

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