Global Refugee Mural

On the back wall of the Tefa Cafe in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, USA:

... and the caption, attached to the telephone pole on the left side: Global Refugee Mural
by Joel Bergner (c) 2009
creative director Tom Block

This mural tells the stories of 3 refugees who live here in Maryland, who were interviewed for this project.

Georges, a former mayor of his city in eastern Congo (DRC), fled with his family when the war came to his region. Mai, from Myanmar (aka Burma), was unable to return to her country due to religious persecution by the government. Taameem, from southern Iraq, fled after her brother was murdered by local militia members and she was targeted as well.

Funded by the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County. Partnership with the International Rescue Committee's refugee resettlement center in Silver Spring. Special thanks to Kefa Café.

Artist & project info: (415)845-2699

(photographs taken in May 2016; cf. Joel Bergner in Wikipedia, "In bold brushstrokes, refugees tell their tales" in the Montgomery County Gazette, gallery of Joel Bergner murals, ...) - ^z - 2016-05-18