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The fourth most brilliant creation of all time?
The "Random page" button at the top of a Wiki item's display --- plus countless other ways of juxtaposing concepts to give birth to new notions ...
The third most wonderful?
Wiki --- along with any other meta-method, before or after, that makes it easier to record verses of idea-prose-poems and cross-link them into visions of mind ...
The second-place prize-winner?
Language itself --- and the "itself-ishness" that lets language reflect light upon its own face ...
The greatest invention?

(see also ThinkingToolsDefined (6 Apr 1999), DiffuseConsciousness (21 May 2003), SiMonumentumRequiris (4 Apr 2004), ...)

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(correlates: JournalBearing, MysteryReligion, ProdesseQuamConspici, ...)

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