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What's this all about? Perhaps "... to create moments of philosophy—that is, to pass from opinion to thought." Less mystically, it's a journal: thousands of essays, jokes, diary entries, poems, mini-lectures, whimsy, literary excerpts, and scraps of what-not. See Zhurnal and Zhurnaly for meta-commentary on the enterprise, and Treasure Knowledge for hints on how to pronounce журнал. (The word zhurnaly simply means journals in Russian; zhurnal is the singular.) There's plenty of room, so don't be shy about contributing, within the bounds of good taste and civility: no advertisements, link spam, etc. Contact z (at) his (dot) com or zhurnaly (at) gmail (dot) com to report bugs, suggest new material, and offer comments — or click an Edit or Comment link and post directly. The ^zhurnal is dedicated to Bo Leuf (1952-2009). Thank you!