House Moving

Last month my Father, Werner Zimmermann, drove my son Robin and me around the east-central Texas area he grew up in. A striking feature of his commentary: all the house moving that went on over the years. The little two-room school that he attended began on one patch of land and years later was shifted down the road to sit near the church. Other homes that family and friends lived in were likewise transported, sometimes for miles. Farms were sold but not the houses on them, and vice versa. It wasn't a historical-preservation issue either. Apparently structures were better-built then and were worth more than they are nowadays, in our era of knock-down and rebuild. Fascinating!

(cf. Howl's Moving Castle (2009-03-22), Dorothy Zimmermann, R.I.P. (2009-08-21), Double Shot Liquor and Guns (2010-07-20), ...) - ^z - 2010-08-09