Ideas vs Beliefs

From the 1999 film Dogma, by Kevin Smith, on the importance of openness, flexibility, and not-clinging to judgments:

Rufus: ... His only real beef with mankind is the sh*t that gets carried out in His name. Wars, bigotry, televangelism. The big one, though, is the fractioning of all of the religions. He said mankind got it all wrong by taking a good idea and building a belief structure on it.
Bethany: You're saying having beliefs is a bad thing?
Rufus: I just think it's better to have ideas. I mean, you can change an idea; changing a belief is trickier. People die for it, people kill for it. ...

... quoted by a colleague at the office in response to the Bayesian mantra, "Beliefs should be knobs, not switches".

^z - 2019-05-22