Kindness Works

In his 2017 holiday newsletter, Bill Penzey of the Penzeys Spice Company writes:

... While we are all about great spices, we've come to understand, to have the best chance to share the gift of cooking, we also need to be equally about heart, and smiles, and stories that radiate an overwhelming sense of welcome to all. At Penzeys we do our best to bring spice to life by showing all the good things set in motion when people care enough to cook. We work to make every gift from Penzeys an invitation to a life made richer through connecting to family, friends, community and the larger world around us.

The understanding that to best do our jobs we must embrace humanity as well as quality has set all sorts of good things in motion for us, including ever better spices. Now when we travel out into the world, it's that very same spirit of compassion that cooks share around the table that we carry out into the world with us. This spirit of compassion has opened doors that we never even noticed before, and that have in turn helped us to bring back the very best in flavor the world has to offer. We can report firsthand that the very same spirit that works around our kitchen tables works around the world as well. Kindness Works. It's a gift well worth sharing.

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