LOOPY - Throw a Ball

http://zhurnaly.com/images/LOOPY/LOOPY_throw-a-ball_2021-08-17.pngThrow a ball up – it rises and falls, along a parabolic arc. Throw a ball faster and it goes farther and higher. Why?

Hint: gravity (red node) pulls downward (minus sign on the arrow) at a constant rate, so vertical velocity (green node) decreases at a constant rate; horizontal velocity (not shown) is constant; and a ball's position changes moment-by-moment proportional to its velocity. Hmmmm, now you know Calculus!

LOOPY, used to make the above cartoon, is an ultralight tool that allows fast sketch-up of mental models – simple simulations that help:

The original LOOPY is free software by Nicky Case; LOOPY2 is an enhanced version ©2021 MITRE Corporation. More to follow ...

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