Liberal Party, Conservative Party

From a conversation between Bret Stephens and Gail Collins, in the New York Times, 7 Feb 2022, Stephens suggests:

... I've made the case before that America needs a Liberal Party – "liberal" in the old-fashioned sense of believing in free expression, free enterprise, free living and a free world. But the truth is that America could also use a proper Conservative Party, in the true sense of the word "conservative": Burkean in its belief in the importance of manners, morals and gradual change; Arnoldian in its respect for high culture; Smithian not just in its devotion to free markets but also its belief in the cultivation of moral sympathies. ...

Fascinating adjectives, "Burkean" (cf Extraordinary Man), "Arnoldian" (cf Wikipedia), and "Smithian" (cf Upheavals of Thought & Efficiency and Niceness).

^z - 2022-02-25