Liberty, Equality, Truth

A rousing manifesto for a new political party, from an op-ed essay by Evan McMullin in the 15 Dec 2020 New York Times [1]:

It should start with unyielding commitment to the equality and liberty of all, and then to facts, reason and knowledge. It should champion democracy and its improvement and cherish life in all its phases. It should promote personal responsibility, limited government and government's vital role for the common good. It should advance for justice to all, and uphold the personal and religious freedom of a diverse people. It should expand economic opportunity, rejecting cronyism and protectionism, while defending innovators and workers from theft and predatory practices abroad. It should recognize immigration as a vital national asset and universal access to quality health care, public and private, a national obligation. It should imagine new methods of learning and work. It should be decent, ethical and loyal to the Constitution.

... so good to present a positive vision for the future!

(cf Traditarians vs Libertitionists (2000-08-03), Lyndon Johnson Political Philosophy (2006-10-06), Roots of Morality (2009-04-03), Righteous Mind (2020-07-12), Humane Conservatism (2020-12-29), ...) - ^z - 2021-02-24