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Losing at Losing

The Bull Run Run 50 mile ultramarathon includes a friendly team competition, with awards for fastest, oldest, etc. Every member of a four-person team must finish the race in order to be eligible to win a prize. The competition for slowest total team time, the only category in which I might have a chance, isn't exactly "heated" — it's more "luke-warm". This year another team, which shall remain nameless here, thought it had won in that biggest-loser category. But after BRR was over I appealed to the Director, who checked the records. He confirmed that my crew — "Team Rocket", aka the team devoted to doing Evil with Pokemon — in fact was slower. That gave us the win as losers and caused our rival team to lose that honor. But wait a minute: doesn't that make them a greater loser, since they failed to win as losers? But if they won, then they lost, and therefore ...

^z - 2013-04-27