Mantra - Change a Little

To Change a Lot,
  Change a Little
    Many Times

... from the Greater Than Code interview with Keith Bennett:

... we can hack ourselves — we can change ourselves, and the way to change ourselves a lot, I believe, is to change ourselves a little many times. We can ask ourself in a situation, "How far am I willing to go before I start feeling uncomfortable?" and then ask ourself, "What can I do in addition to that? How much further can I go in addition to that without feeling super-uncomfortable?" and doing that. Once we start exercising that muscle more and more, we can make more progress than we would otherwise. A lot of times we cripple ourselves by just thinking about where it is we want to go and we look at how far that is and we think, "Oh, man. I'm never going to get there so I'm not going to try," and that's unfortunate.

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