Mantra - Give Instead of Giving Up

Don't Give Up
    — Give!

Be positive! Rather than making a sacrifice and feeling the negative, try to see the situation from another perspective and find the plus side — the gift, the gain, the benefit. As Margaret Renkl says at the end of her essay "One Tiny Beautiful Thing":

Instead of giving up something for Lent, I'm planning to make a heartfelt offering. In times like these, it makes more sense to seek out daily causes for praise than daily reminders of lack. So here is my resolution: to find as many ordinary miracles as a waterlogged winter can put forth, as many resurrections as an eerily early springtime will allow. Tiny beautiful things are bursting forth in the darkest places, in the smallest nooks and deepest cracks of the hidden world, and I am going to keep looking every single day until I find one.

... and yes, it's so tough sometimes to make that inversion — and so wonderful when it somehow succeeds ...

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