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Mathematician's Blog

Terence Tao is a UCLA professor of mathematics, a former child prodigy who has won a Fields Medal and a MacArthur Fellowship. A Forbes magazine article led to his blog, which is mostly incomprehensible—far too arcane for my feeble brain—but which occasionally has tidbits that a non-mathematician can appreciate. The 5 Nov 2009 post re the "no self-defeating object" argument is an example. It discusses a progression of proofs-by-contradiction, starting with "there is no biggest number" (if so, add 1 to it!) and working its way through Gödel's Theorem and other deep concepts. Neat! Likewise, the 29 Oct 2009 post re a cute Periodic Table that shows entertainingly practical uses for each element—from which Tao goes on to speculate about how such a table might usefully be made for the major concepts of mathematics. It reminds me of the silly Periodic Table of Awesoments and my sporadic attempts to design a Period Table of Running Injuries ...

(cf. RootsOfCommensurability (2000-01-26), Periodic Tables (2007-11-17), ...) - ^z - 2009-11-15