Modeling the Hot Water

A tiny project to do some day, and an illustration of the power of modeling: analyze and simulate the temperature of the water coming out of the shower here at home.




Results: a spreadsheet-array of temperatures for water and pipes that exhibits behavior like what observations show. Next steps: experiment, numerically, with insulating the pipes, decreasing the flow rate, varying the water temperature coming into the house, heating the basement, etc. Fun: if you like modeling, and maybe even helpful in developing insights into what the most critical features of the situation are. Key: figuring out what are the essential factors, gathering enough data, simplifying the model so that it can be implemented, and then comparing its results with observation to see if it actually works and how accurate it is.

(cf. TechnicalMinded (2003-07-18), Theory of Flight (2008-02-26), Pulsating Hidden World (2009-09-28), ...) - ^z - 2011-12-04