On the Floor

From a December 2021 New York Times column by David Brooks, "What Do You Say to the Sufferer?", thoughtful suggestions that might be summarized as:

Brooks describes how hard times can provide meaning – "... tenacity, courage, unselfishness and dignity ...". He shares "... cases where suffering didn't break people but broke them open – made them more caring toward and knowledgeable about the suffering of others ...". He tells of:

... a woman with a brain injury who would sometimes fall to the floor. People around her would rush to immediately get her back on her feet, before she was quite ready. She [said], "I think people rush to help me up because they are so uncomfortable with seeing an adult lying on the floor. But what I really need is for someone to get down on the ground with me."

... getting on the floor can be anxiety-producing and, when someone is in deep despair, even dangerous to the strongest caregiver. But sometimes you just get on the floor. ...

Brooks concludes:

"We all need witnesses –
    to witness others,
    to be witnessed,
    to draw inspiration
        from each other."

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