Patterns in the Words

Random rattles
Flickers of form
Glimpses of order
Rows and diagonals
Take shape in the forest
Raindrops patter on rooftops
Stars glide into constellations
And poetry emerges from the noise

^z - 2012-08-18

Within the mottled images are hints
of leitmotifs that span this scene and that.
The placements seem so incidental yet
the sweetness of the sweet spot in the curve
seems just to match what I have learned to see.

And man-made places resonate with us
when they reveal regard for Nature's touch.

Alternating symmetries, footprints in the grass, mann.

And speaking of the patterns in the words,
Isn't it remarkable how links
between ideas and sounds that populate
the English that we speak predate migrations
of the Indo-European peoples,
persisting over multiple millennia.
Some ancient sound for "angle" carried a g and n,
and when they got to Greece it had become a "gonia",
Still there in French genou, the angle of the leg,
And though the g slid to a silent k,
that ancient sound is there in English still,
Even now with all that's come and gone,
the k and n in knee tell of the saga,
migrations of those peoples, the tapestries
of languages we use to formulate
our thoughts, woven of threads both old
and new: it's fun to see core sounds persist,
though morphed in well known ways from entering
to exiting the languages these sounds
passed through from ancient times to us.