Peter Schmidt

Peter Schmidt (1931-1980) was an artist and art teacher who worked with musician Brian Eno. From Eno's "Homage to the Missing Collaborator" (1987):

"... he was remarkably free of envy. His work was very much a personal inquiry, a continuous questioning of deeper and deeper assumptions, a delight in finding himself in new territory without answers, and thus innocent. We are always innocent, unless, from laziness or for convenience, we decide to overlook the novelty of the moment, this particular now. It seemed to me that Peter was more capable than anybody else I have ever known of following that understanding through in his actions. He was always alert to those little byways of thought that might open out onto whole new vistas, and he followed them with a quiet kind of courage ..."

"... He wrote to me once, 'In a roomful of shouting people, the one who whispers becomes interesting.' ..."

"... his work is full of seeds, any one of which could form the basis of a healthy artistic career (and many of which probably have). ... To follow the threads that are woven through his work, to watch the way that they cross and mesh with new threads and with older ones picked up again is to see a graceful and brilliant dance in motion. That this same pace and brilliance characterized his everyday life came, at first, as something of a surprise. He never raised his voice. ..."

And another Brian Eno comment (from "A Year With Swollen Appendices", 1996):

"... My friend Peter Schmidt used to talk about 'not doing the things that nobody had ever thought of not doing', which is an inverse process – where you leave out an assumption that everybody has always made and see what happens ..."

Zen thoughts on the value of nothing and noting and not and now!

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