Power of Intention

From A Morning Cup of Yoga, Jane Goad Trechsel thoughts on the value of aspiration:

... Intentions have great power. We all get off track and lose the path we want to be on. If we keep coming back to our intention, eventually the road will go that way. Here are some sample intentions, but you will know what your heart yearns for.

  • Today I will practice generosity.
  • I will be more patient with ..........
  • I will notice my feelings and try to feel my feelings instead of shoving them under.
  • I will listen to other points of view, without trying to push my own agenda.
  • I will respond lovingly when others are upset.
  • I will remember to stop at moments throughout the day, breathe deeply, and relax every part of my body.
  • Today I will focus on the blessings in my life.

... and intentions need not become narrow goals to cling to!

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