Quiet Comfort

In the movie Master and Commander, a beautiful scene worth remembering of people caring for each other: young Will Blakeney has had his arm shot off and is recovering from the amputation. Captain Jack Aubrey visits him and gives him a book about Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, British naval hero. After Captain Aubrey leaves the depressed boy is flipping through the book, which falls open to an illustration of Lord Nelson — who also was wounded in battle and lost an arm.

What a lovely way to console someone suffering and in need!

(OK, ignore the fact that everyone of that place and time would already know about Nelson's injury!)

(cf. MasterAndCommander (2005-03-04), PostCaptain (2006-10-12), OnTheShore (2006-11-07), ExtremeClarity (2006-12-15), Master and Commander, Lars and the Real Girl (2011-07-05), ...) - ^z - 2017-09-19