Run Fast by Hal Higdon

"More Art Than Science" — a subsection title, and a good summary of Hal Higdon's 1992 Run Fast: How to Train for a 5-K or 10-K Race. Throughout the book Higdon quotes experienced coaches and athletes, then immediately proceeds to contradict their advice. On page 6 in describing what he offers beginners who take lessons from him, Higdon admits, "... mostly, we are not teaching running; rather, we're peddling motivation." In the next paragraph: "The most important thing we tell beginners is ... simply 'You're doing great. Keep it up.'" Training plans are generic at best.

Higdon offers a list of prescriptions in Chapter 14 ("The Polishing Touch: Be Your Own Best Coach"):

How seriously should one take these, or any other, training rules? Hal Higdon's comment on page 36 is: "Again, do what works best for you." OK.

^z - 2010-12-15