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Running Logbook

2017-07-22 - Teddy Roosevelt Island

~8.7 miles @ ~13.8 min/mi

http://zhurnaly.com/images/running/Teddy_Roosevelt_Island_run_2017-07-22.jpg"Lots of 'F' words!" Lucas notes, reading the FDR Memorial's wall of Four Freedoms. He leads a motley crew, including Janet, Viviana, Sako, Sean, and Tom around the Theodore Roosevelt Island maze o' twisty pathways. We lope along the Swamp Trail boardwalk, pause at the plaza to admire a manly statue of Teddy, then take his eponymous bridge into DC. Temperature and relative humidity are both in the low 80s, Fahrenheit and percent respectively.

"You don't HAVE to run up the stairs to Abraham Lincoln like 'Rocky' - I was joking!" But it's too late, so climb we must. Then Martin Luther King Jr and George Mason watch us pass by on the way to visit Thomas Jefferson. While the rest run onward Sakurako and I take the 14th Street Bridge to get back on time. At the Memorial Bridge suddenly Janet and Sean appear, returning via another route. Cyclists swoop past us on the Mount Vernon Trail. The parking lot that was empty when we arrived at 0630 now overflows with monster trucks.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-19

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2017-07-21 - Reverse Evans Farm

~6.2 miles @ ~12.9 min/mi

"Whoa!" Hazards of texting-while-running: I almost bump into a closed gate at the parking lot entrance. Caitlin and I are circling the office complex while awaiting Kristin, who met heavy traffic on her way in. A thin-sliver crescent moon fades into the background as sunrise paints clouds in persimmon-peach hues. Soon Dr K joins us and we head east.

"Where's the frog prince?" In the Evans Farm complex we spot the sculpture of the crowned amphibian, a marker on the way to a new cut-through path. Enterprise Avenue brings to mind Star Trek. Meanders take us past Bryn Mawr park from a new direction. At the high school track somebody manages a 1:35 lap. Rabbit count = 3.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-18

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2017-07-19 - Wet Trek

~5.7 miles @ ~13.1 min/mi

"That's the sound of water hitting pants!" At mile 5 the Dawn Patrol unanimously pauses to stand in front of curbside lawn sprinklers. Summer morn is warm and hyper-humid. Bunny count = 5, the majority spied by Kristin. Cait explains that raccoons don't wash their food, they wet their paws to make them more sensitive.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-16

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2017-07-17 - Austin Texas Trekking

~11.0 miles @ ~13.5 min/mi

Even at sunrise running is stressful on a warm, humid morning in Austin Texas. Rabbit count = 1, a shy bunny in Great Hills Park; deer count = 3, audacious beasts standing in the street during the final mile.

Boy Scouts have built bat houses; near a playground a faux chimney stands for chimney swifts to nest in. The lake path at Quarries Park leads back onto neighborhood streets. Bright new graffiti decorates the tunnel under Duval Road near Balcones District Park. Follow Big Walnut Creek upstream, then take the railroad tracks to Yett Creek Neighborhood Park and back to the start. Whew!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-14

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2017-07-15 - CCT with Barry and Rebecca

~13.8 miles @ ~12.8 min/mi

"Pain is best experienced solo," says Phil Hill, explaining why he isn't doing a group training program this year. We introduce ourselves on the Capital Crescent Trail, where's he's running ~20 miles alone. "If you feel like that, I'll branch off here!" I joke, and take the side path toward Rock Creek and hilly Leland Street. We laugh as we part ways. A snakeskin-patterned headband lies on the sidewalk. A rising sun paints the clouds with pastel orange hues.

"Slouching toward Bethesda", rabbit Count = 1. A big deer strides calmly across the road in search of a new garden to graze in. At our downtown rendezvous Barry announces, "It's Slurpee Week!" Rebecca recommends an out-and-back on the shady southward side of the CCT, and so we proceed.

"What are the events in a Decathlon?" We ask passing runners, but nobody knows, so eventually the Interwebs tell us. "When the King of Sweden told Jim Thorpe, 'You, sir, are the greatest athlete in the world!' he supposedly replied, 'Thanks, King!' ... or maybe that's just a story."

We pause to survey a valley full of invasive ivy, overgrowing the trees like a mass of green octopi. "And yet, think of all the people who can never get out to see this. We're truly blessed!" Speedy cyclists whiz past, some giving warning, most not. It's a soggy-warm summer morning.

Howards EndRoom with a ViewPassage to India — we compare notes on E M Forster novels and the films based on them. Someone reminisces about a dog nip on the derriere, but refrains from exhibiting the evidence. "You could have complained to the County - there's a $500 fine for 'unwanted contact' like that!" We send good vibes and best wishes to comrades doing the Vermont 100 and the Catoctin 50k today.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-12

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2017-07-14 - New Evans Farm Cut-Through

~5.8 miles @ ~14.8 min/mi

"So hard to see things from another person's viewpoint!" Mindful conversation today begins with thoughts on empathy and metacognitive modeling of mental states. A Dawn Patrol Duo heads toward a rising sun, climbing hills and taking cut-throughs. Unusual mansion security features provoke Bayesian analysis of possibilities. Kristin carries the other Dr K's newspaper up to her front doorstep as we loop through West Langley and pause to take pictures.

"We're discovering new ways to escape if the police are in hot pursuit!" A previously-unknown brick walkway leads through a gap in the wall from Enterprise Avenue to Farm Meadow Court. A grassy path starts strong but then fades between Evans Drive and McLean Commons Lane. Bunny count = 4.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-10

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2017-07-12 - Pimmit Road Park

~6.2 miles @ ~12.4 min/mi

"Kristin is taking the low ones for the Team, and I'm handling the higher ones!" says Cait, brushing spider webs off her face, as the Dawn Patrol runs down stairs and across a narrow bridge over the creek. It's a humid summer morning, already warm. Rabbit Count = 3, one seen by each of us. We discover a new cut-through, between Arch Drive and tiny Pimmit Road Park.

"Can I get that for my birthday?" Kristin and Cait have been teaching younger family members to make Toy Department wish-lists for the future — good training in deferred pleasure. Lawn sprinklers pop up as we pass. Stiff-legged dogs take their owners out for early walks.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-08

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2017-07-10 - Coney Count

~6.1 miles @ ~13.7 min/mi

21 Bun Salute! — the Dawn Patrol this morning spies a score plus one of rabbits as we meander through West McLean and Lewinsville Heights, to tie last year's record coney count (cf. 2016-07-01 - Rabbit Run).

"If you can spell it, I'll tell you what it means and when you can use it!" Kristin explains her house policy toward kids' questions about naughty words. Cait recalls dodging a bullet and NOT being responsible for enhancing her young niece's vocabulary. Kerry reports that she survived a weekend of family luncheons and dinners, thanks in part to running 13 miles on Saturday.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-06

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2017-07-09 - Leland and CCT

~12.0 miles @ ~12.9 min/mi

Bunny count in the 'hood = 10, in front yards along hilly Leland Street on the way to Bethesda. Sako & Barry each spy another during our final mile. Rebecca sends me on a sprint to catch Ken at mile 9 (split 9:11, whew!). Gayatri ran long yesterday and enjoys this morning with us. We discuss the best local restaurants to get samosas and other Indian food.

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-06

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2017-07-08 - Rock Creek Ramble

~20.6 miles @ ~13.4 min/mi

"Your parking lights are on!" The lady who answers a knock on her front door at 6:30am is thankful for the tip. Six rabbits dance along Kent Street in Kensington. Spiral around Warner Circle a couple of times to add a mystic symbol to the trackfile. Pause on the way to Rock Creek for a photo of a "Ewell Avenue" sign — Mary Ewell's taunt is responsible for today's mileage. The morning is warm and humid, temps rising into the 80s.

"Just arrived," texts Kerry, 30 seconds before I crest the hill to join her and Cait at Ken-Gar. Lure them into a hill climb until Rebecca appears and introduces us to her neighbor Paul, who was standing patiently by the trail, unrecognized. Trot upstream and back, pick up Barry, then repeat. Escort Caitlin (who has a deadline) back, ditto Barry several miles later, then add bonus distance to get the rest into the 12+ zone.

"Pizza! Iced coffee! Argentinian barbecue! Coke Slurpee!" Conversation turns to comestibles as blood sugar drops. Packs of training-group runners greet us as they sprint along RCT. "Howdy!" to Adeline, Mike, Michele, et al.!

(trackfile) - ^z - 2017-08-04

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