Set Aside Judging

Chapter 14 ("To Cultivate an Open Heart, Set Aside Judging") of Toni Bernhard's How to Wake Up discusses ways to let go "the heavy burden of judging", to add fewer likes and dislikes and shoulds and shouldn'ts to experience. She cites Seung Sahn's suggestion of keeping Don't-Know Mind, and Thich Nhat Hanh's recommendation to constantly ask Am I Sure? to help pause judging — rather like Byron Katie's reflective suggestions in what she calls "The Work".

And specifically, Toni Bernhard recommends something to do when one notices petty negative opinions surfacing about someone (or oneself!). Silently think a friendly phrase such as:

... all good ways to shift the flow and tone of mind away from judging!

^z - 2017-02-16