Taiji with Weider

http://zhurnaly.com/images/Taiji_with_Weider_0.jpgWeider Young, long-time leader of an informal T'ai Chi lunchtime group at the office, retired a few months ago. His wife Sumei Yang captured a short video (click here to download) of some of us doing part of the 24-form Yang routine on Weider's last day.

(These two still photos are also by Sumei; Weider is in the plaid shirt.)

A few Weiderisms, comments he sporadically offered about Taiji and perhaps-related topics:

... and, referring to individual and group practice of Taiji:

Best memory of all: one day when I asked Weider for a proverb after class, he said, "I have nothing."

"Ah, nothing," I replied. "That's even more Zen!"

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