Ten Stone

Guess my weight? The number has evolved over the decades, from a vague memory of scrawny mid-130-pound college years to scattered data points recorded in the ZhurnalyWiki Running Logbook, including:

weight date
184 lbs Jan 2006
170's May 2007
150's Feb 2009
150's Nov 2010
140's Nov 2011

For the past few years digital scale readings have fluctuated in the mid-140's, random-walking up and down as hydration and electrolyte vary. That's a bit over 10 stone, to use an archaic Imperial unit that somehow appeals. Should I try to skinny down farther? Would that continue to enhance speed, according to the rule-of-thumb that every pound lost grants a ~2 second/mile boon, a whole minute faster marathon? Or would my ~173cm (about √3 meter, ~5'8") frame fail from lack of meat? At my height a Body Mass Index of 20 corresponds to ~132 lbs; a 25 BMI is ~165 lbs. But does excessive scrawniness cost resilience? Does it increase the risk of injury, or of turning minor illness into major? When is less no longer more?

^z - 2013-04-09