Thinking Differently

From an obituary of nanotechnologist-chemist Ned Seeman (1945-2021) in Nature, on the value of having other people get excited about and working on something you started:

"We don't have to have all the ideas any more,
and we don't have to make all the mistakes!"

Seeman's big ideas involved DNA self-assembling building-blocks and fitting tiny tiles together to do computations. In the same Nature obit author Philip Ball notes:

Seeman was renowned for his blunt way with words and dry, self-deprecating wit. He has been described as a singular character – at once gruff and caring, vulgar and articulate, stubborn and visionary. Winfree told me, "I feel it's no accident that DNA nanotechnology sprang forth from someone who took almost a perverse pleasure in thinking differently."

^z - 2021-12-19