Thomas Friedman, op-ed essayist, is often caught spectacularly off base --- but sometimes (to push the baseball metaphor) he steals home. In his 30 May 2004 New York Times column Friedman comments:

I have a "Tilt Theory of History." The Tilt Theory states that countries and cultures do not change by sudden transformations. They change when, by wise diplomacy and leadership, you take a country, a culture or a region that has been tilted in the wrong direction and tilt it in the right direction, so that the process of gradual internal transformation can take place over a generation.


... My definition of a country tilted in the right direction is a country where there is enough free market, enough rule of law, enough free press, speech and exchange of ideas that the true agent of change in history --- which is something that takes nine months and 21 years to develop, i.e. a generation --- can grow up, plan its future and realize its potential.

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